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SWP No. 106.4

(Council Record Pertaining to Sarah Cloyce, Martha Cory, Dorothy Good, REbecca Nurse, Elizabeth Proctor & Jojn Proctor)

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[April 11, 1692]


Aprill 11 -- 1692

At a Councill held at Salem. and present

Thomas Danforth Esq'r Dept. Gov'er

James Russell --

John Hathorne

Isaac Adington

Maj'r Sam Appleton

Capt Samuell Sewall

Jonath' Corwin


Whereas Complaint was Exhibited by Capt Jonathan Walcot and Leiut Nathaniell Ingersall both of Salem Village, on behalfe of theire Majest's not only for themselfes, but also for severall of theire Neighbours Against Sarah Cloyce the wife of peter Cloyce of Salem Village, and Elizabeth procter the wife of John procter of Salem farmes for high Suspition of Sundry acts of witchcraft donne or Committed by them upon the Bodys of abigail Williams and John Indian both of mr Sam parris his famyly in Salem Village, Mary Walcot Ann putnam and Marcy Lewis &c -- accord'g to s'd Compl't appears.


Aprill 8'th And Warrants being given forth for theire apprehention s'd Cloyce and procter ware by George Herrick Marshall of Essex brought before us, and mr Samuell parris being desired and appointed to wright the Examination, did take the same & also read itt before the Councill in publicke.

And John procter of Salem farmes being then personally present was by Abigail Williams and Anna putnam Charged with severall acts of Witchcraft by him Committed on the person of Mrs pope the wife of mr Joseph pope and Others, who ware at s'd tyme accordingly afflicted apparent to all, likewise marcy Lewis and [] cott charged s'd John procter at s'd tyme upon w'ch s'd Jno proctor & his wife and Sarah Cloyce ware all Committed to prison per advise of the Councill

Also further Information being given against s'd Jno procter by mr Samueell parris. Aprill 12'th as appeares.

Aprill 12'th 1692

John procter and Elizabeth procter his wife -- and Sarah Cloyce , also: Rebecka Nurse . Martha Cory and Dorothy Good ware sent to Boston Goale per Marshall Geo: Herrick -- upon high Suspition as aboves'd --

(Reverse) Councill at Salem Apr'll 11'th 1692 Sarah Cloyce Eliz. Proctor

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 92. )