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SWP No. 61.1

(Recognizance for Eunice Fry by John Frye & John Osgood Sr. )

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[December 20, 1692 ]


That on the Twentieth Day of December Annoq D[mbar ] one thousand six hundred Ninty & two in the fourth year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady William & Mary by the Grace of God of England &c: King & Queen Defenders of the faith &c: Personally came & Appeared before me George Corwin High Sheriffe for the County of Essex of the Province of the Massathuttets Bay in New England -- Deacon John Fry and John Osgood both of Andaver. Yeomen and Acknowledged themselves & Each of them Indebted Unto our sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen or the Survivors of them their Heires & Successors: in the summe of two hundred pounds to be leaved on their goods & Chattles, Lands & Tenements for the Use of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen or the Surviour of them If default be made in the Performance of the Condition Underwritten./.


The Condition of the above written Recognizance is such That whereas Unis Fry Wife to the aboves'd Decon John Fry of Andaver afores'd is suspected & Accused of Committing Diverse Acts of Witchcrafts if therfore the: s'd: Unis fry afores'd: shall & do make her Personall Appearance before the Justices of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen at the Next Court of Assize of Oyer & Terminer next Generall Goal Delivery to be held for or within the County of Essex afores'd: to answer w't: shall be objected ag't: her on their Maj'ties behalfe Refering to the: witchcrafts and to do & Receive that: by which said Court shall be then & there Injoyned & not to depart without Lycence Then the above Recognizan[c] e to be void or Else to abide & Remaine in full force & virtue In Wittness whereof the above Named Persons: John Fry & John Ossgood have herunto sett their hand & seals this Twentieth Day of December in the year of our Lord one Thousand six hundred Ninty & two & in the forth year of their Maj'ties Reigne./.


*Joshua Conant
*Robert Gray
*Jn: Gyles
*John Frie [Seal]
*John Osgood [Seal]

( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 73. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )