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SWP No. 9.6

(Confession from Prison of William Barker, Sr. )

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[? August 29, 1692 ]

God having called me to Confess my sin and Apostasy in that fall
in giving the Devil advantage over me appearing to me like a Black,
in the evening to set my hand to his Book, as I have owned to my
shame. He told me that I should not want so doing. At Salem Village,
there being a little off the Meeting-House, about an hundred five
Blades, some with Rapiers by their side, which was called and might
be more for ought I know by B and Bu[rroughs] and the Trumpet
sounded, and Bread and Wine which they called the Sacrament, but I
had none; being carried all over on a Stick, never being at any other
Meeting. I being at Cart a Saturday last, all the day, of Hay and English
Corn, the Devil brought my Shape to Salem, and did afflict M[artha] S[prague]
and R[ose] F[oster] by clitching my hand; and a Sab-
bath day my Shape afflicted A[bigail] M[artin] and at night afflic-
ted M[artha] S[prague] and A[bigail] M[artin] . E[lizabeth] J[ ohnson ]
and A[bigail] F[aulkner] have been my Enticers to this great
abomination, as one have owned and charged her to her Sister with
the same. And the design was to Destroy Salem Village, and to begin
at the Ministers House, and to destroy the Church of God, and to set
up Satans Kingdom, and then all will be well. And now I hope God
in some measure has made me something sensible of my sin and apos-
tasy , begging pardon of God, and of the Honourable Magistrates and
all Gods people, hoping and promising by the help of God, to set to
my heart and hand to do what in me lyeth to destroy such wicked
worship, humbly begging the prayers of all Gods People for me, I
may walk humbly under this great affliction and that I may procure
to my self, the sure mercies of David, and the blessing of Abraham.

(John Hale. A Modest Enquiry into the Nature of Witchcraft (Boston: Green & Allen, 1702), pp. 33–34. )