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SWP No. 125.6

Second Examination. March. 2 1691/2

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Q. What Covenant did you make w'th that man that Came to you? what did he tell you. A. he Tell me he god, & I must beleive him & Serve him Six yeares & he would give me many fine things. Q. how long agone was this? A. about Six Weeks & a little more, fryday night before Abigall was Ill. Q w't did he Say you must doe more? did he Say you must Write any thing? did he offer you any paper? A. yes, the Next time he Come to me & showed mee some fine things, Something like Creatures, a little bird Something like green & white. Q. did you promiss him then when he Spake to you then what did you answer him A. I then Sayd this I tould him I Could nott believe him God, I tould him I ask my maister & would have gone up but he stopt mee & would nott lett me Q. whatt did you promiss him? A. the first Tyme I beleive him God & then he was Glad. Q. what did he Say to you then? what did he Say you must doe? A. this he tell me they must meet together: Q. W'n did he Say you may meet together? A. he tell me Wednesday Next att my m'rs house, & then they all meet together & thatt night I saw them all stand in the Corner, all four of them, & the man stand behind mee & Take hold of mee to make mee stand still in the hall. Q. where was your master then? A. in the other Room. Q. time of Night? A. a little before prayr Time. Q. what did this man Say to you when he Took hold of you? A. he Say goe ibto the other Room & See the Children & doe hurt to them. and pinch them & then I went in, & would nott hurt them a good while, I would nott hurt Betty, I loved Betty, but they hall me & make me pinch Betty & the next Abigall & then quickly went away altogether & I pinched them. Q. did thay pinch A. Noe, but they all lookt on & See mee pinch them. Q. did you goe into that Room in your own person & all the rest? A. yes, and my master did nott See us, for they Would nott lett my Master See. Q. did you goe w'th the Company? A. Noe I stayd & the Man stayd w'th me. Q. whatt did he then to you? A. he tell me my master goe to prayer & he read in book & he ask me what I remember, but don't you remember anything. Q. did he ask you noe more but the first Time to Serve him or the Second time? A. yes, he ask me againe, & that I Serve him, Six yeares & he Com the Next time & show me a book. A. and when would he Come then? A. the next fryday & showe me a book in the day Time betimes in the morneing. Q. and what Booke did he bring a great or little booke? A. he did nott show itt me, nor would nott; but had itt in his pockett. Q. did nott he make you write yo'r Name? A. noe nott yett for my #(mistris) mistris Called me into the other roome. Q. whatt did he Say you must doe in that book? A. he Sayd write & Sett my name to itt. Q. did you Write? A. yes once I made a marke in the Booke & made itt w'th red like Bloud. Q. did he gett itt out of your body? A. he Said he must gett itt out the Next time he Come againe, he give me a pin Tyed in a stick to doe itt w'th, butt he noe Lett me bloud w'th itt as yett butt Intended another Time when he Come againe. Q. did you See any other marks in his book? A. yes a great many some marks red, Some yellow, he opened his booke a great many marks in itt. Q. did he tell you the Names of them? A. yes of Two noe more Good & Osburne & he Say thay make them marks in that book & he showed them mee. Q. how many marks doe you think there was? A. Nine. Q. did thay Write there Names? A. thay Made marks Goody Good Sayd she made hir mark, butt Goody Osburne Would nott Tell she was Cross to mee. Q. when did Good tell you, she Sett hir hand to the Book? A. the same day I Came hither to prison. Q. did you See the man thatt morneing? A. yes a litle in the morneing & he tell me the Magistrates Come up to Exam in me. Q. w't did he Say you must Say? A. he tell me, tell nothing, if I did he would Cutt my head off. Q. tell us True how many Woemen doe use to Come when you Rid abroad? A. foure of them these Two Osburne & Good & those Two strangers. Q. you say that there was Nine did he tell you whoe they were? A. noe he noe lett me See but he tell me I should See them the Next Tyme Q. What Sights did you see? A. I see a man, a dogge, a hogge, & Two Catts a black and Red & the strange monster was Osburnes that I mentioned before. this was was the hayry Imp the man would give itt to mee, but I would nott have itt. Q. did he show you in the Book w'ch was Osburne & w'ch was Goods mark? A. yes I see there marks. Q. butt did he Tell the Names of the other? A. noe S'r Q & what did he Say to you when you made your Mark? A. he Sayd Serve mee & always Serve mee. the man w'th the Two women Came fro Boston. Q. how many times did you goe to Boston? A. I was goeing & then Came back againe I was never att Boston. Q. whoe Came back w'th you againe? A. the man Came back w'th mee & the woemen goe away, I was Nott willing to goe? Q. how farr did you goe, to what Towne? A. I never went to any Towne I see noe Trees, noe Towne. Q. did he tell you where the Nine Lived? A. yes, Some in Boston & Some herein this Towne, but he would nott tell mee whoe thay were

( New York Public Library -- Manuscripts and Archives Division, Salem Selections. )