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SWP No. 65.1

(Warrant for the Apprehension of Elizabeth Hart & Officer's Return )

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[ May 14, 1692 ]

To the Marshall of the County Essex or his Deputy

You are in theyr Majestÿs Names hereby required to Apprehend & bring before us upon Tuesdaÿ Next, being being the Seavententh day of this Instant Maÿ by [torn] of the clock in the forenoone att the house of Leut Nath'll: Ingersoll in Salem Village, the bodys of Thomas f [] rer sen'r of Lin Husbandman, and Elizebeth Hart the wife of Isaac Hart of LinHusbandman, whoe Stand charged in behalf of theyr Majestys, with high Suspition of Sundry Acts of Witchcraft done or Comitted upon [the] Bodys of Ann putnam,Mercy Lewis & others in Salem Village, whereby great hurt hath bin done them, And hereof you are nott to faile,

Salem. dat'd. May. 14th 1692

Per us *John Hathorne per Assists

*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assists

May 15th -- 1692 I have apprehended the above named persons and brought them att [att] the time and place abovewritten to answer as above

Per *George Herrick Marshall of Essex

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 75 )