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SWP No. 65.5

(Petition of Thomas Hart )

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[ October 19, 1692 ]

To the honoured Generall Court now Sitting in Boston

The humble Petition of Thomas Hart Inhabitant at Linn Sheweth that whereas Elizabeth Hart Mother to the petition'r. was taken into Custody in the Latter end of May Last, and ever Since comitted a prison'r in Boston Goal -- for witchcraft, Tho in all w'ch time nothing has Appeared against her whereby to render her deserving of Christian duty as becomes a child to parents, to make application for the Inlargment of his said Mother, being ancient and not able to undergo: the hardship that is Inflicted from lying in Miserie, and death rather to be Chosen then a life in her Circumstances, the father of the petition'r being ancient and decriped was wholly unable to -- attend in this Matter and the petition'r having lived from his childhood under the Same roofe w'th his said Mother he dare presume to affirme that he never saw nor knew any Evill nor Sinfull practice wherein there was any Show of Impiety nor witchcraft by her, and were it otherwise he would not for the world and all the Enjoyments thereof Nurrish or support any creature that. he knew ingaged in the Drugery of Satan it is well knoune to all the neighbourhood that the petition'rs Mother has Lived asober and Godly life alwise ready to discharge the part of A good Christian and never deserving of Afflictions from the hands of men for any thing of this nature May it humbly therefore please yo'r hon'rs. to take this Matter into yo'r Consideration in order to the Speedy Inlargment of this person So. much abused and the petition'r as in duty bound shall Ever pray

dated the 19th octob'r. 1692
*Thomas Hart
(On reverse of paper) The humble petition of Thomas Hart of Linn 1692
( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 Nov. 62 )