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SWP No. 126.2

(Examination of Job Tookey )

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present Maj'r Bar't Gedney Jonat' Corwin Jno Hathorne ]

Job Tuckey sayth its not he but the divele in his shape that hurts the people

Mary Warren and Ann Putnam and Susannah Shelden all Made Oath before Us that Job Tukey did this day tell them #[that] in his owne person that he had Learneing and could Raise the divele when he pleased --

Sworne [pbar ] all three aboves'd

Mary Walcot

& Ann Putnam Before Us

Jur in Cur.

Salem June the 4'th 1692
Susannah Shelden Mary Warren and Ann Putnam all Testified that this 4th of June when Job Tuckey was Examined before the Majestrats wee did all see five people that arose from the dead two of them men two Women & one Child. w'ch all Cryed Vengance vengeance
Job Tuckey being asked before Us w't child that was that arose and Cryed Vengance he Answerd, it was Jno Trasks child. And Ann Putnam. told her that it was John Trasks child
Before -- *John Hathorne Just' peace
( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 26 )