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SWP No. 6.1

(Warrant for the Apprehension of John Alden & Officer's Return)

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[May 31, 1692 ]

To the Constable of Salem

Essex Ss Whereas Complaint hath been made unto us John Hathorne & Jonathan Corwin Esq'rs by severall persons of Salem Village that Cap't John Alden of Boston Marrin'r # [that he] is guilty of witchcraft in cruelly tortureing & afflicting several of their
Children & others these are therefore in their Maj'ties King William
& Queen Maryes name to Authorize & Comand you forthwith to Appre-
hend the body of the said John Alden and Imediately bring him
before us to Answer what shall be objected ag't him in that behalfe
and this shall be yo'r sufficient warrant Given under our hands the
31st day of May 1692 And in the fourth year of the Reigne of our
Sovereigne Lord and Lady William & Mary now King and Queen
over England &c

[Pbar ] us * John Hathorne
* Jonathan. Corwin {

persons Complaining viz't  
Mary Walcott  
Mercy Lewis  
Abigail Williams Ann putnam
Elizabeth Booth Mary Warren

(Reverse) In obediance to the within written warant I have Apprehended the Body of Cap't John Alden accordeing to tener of
this warant
(In right margin) John Alden
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft, Vol. 2, No. 107 )