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SWP No. 125.7

(Indictment v. Tituba )

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Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Essex ss//]

At a Court of Assize & Generall Goale delivery held in Ipswich for the County of Essex aforesaid the ninth Day of May 1693. In the fifth yeare of their Maj'ts Reigne

The Jur'rs for o'r Sov'r Lord & lady the King & Queen pr'sent

That Tittapa an Indian Woman servant to m'r samuel Parris of Salem village in the #(A) County of Essex aforesaid upon or about the latter end of the yeare 1691 In the Towne of Salem Village afors'd wickedly mallitiously & felloniously A Covenant with the Devill did make & Signed the Devills Booke with A marke like A:C by which wicked Covenanting with the Devill She the Said Tittapa is become A detestable Witch Against the peace of o'r Sov'r lord & lady the King & Queen their Crowne & dignity & the laws in that Case made & provided.

(On reverse side of paper)

Indictm't Agst Tittapa Indian servant to m'r sam'l Parris Ignoramus

*Abraham Haseltine

foreman of the Grand Jury

( Suffolk Court Records, Case No. 2760 Page 102 )