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SWP No. 116.1

(Warrant for apprehension of Susannah Roots )

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Salem May 21=1692

To the Constables of Beverly.

Whereas Complaint hath been this day made before us, by Sergent Thomas Puttnam and John Puttnam: both of Salem village yeomen against Susannah Roots of Beverly widdow for Sundry acts of witchcrafft by her Commited on the bodys of Mary Wallcott Abigal Williams Marcy Lewis Ann Puttnam and others.

You are therfore in their Majesties names hereby Required to apprehend and forthwith bring before us Susannah Roots of Beverly widdow, who stands charged with Committing Sundry acts of witchcraft as above s'd to the wrong and Injury of the bodys of the abovenamed persons, in order to her Examination Relateing to the above s'd premises faile not Dated Salem May the 21'st 1692

John Hathorne

Jonathan. Corwin

[Pbar ]r order of the Governer & Councell

To the Marshall of Essex or his Deputy vera Copia attes't

May 21=1692

*Geo: Herrick Marshall of Essex

I doe apoint m'r Jonathan Biles to bee my Lawffull Deputy to serve this warrant

*Geo: Herrick Marshall of Essex

(Reverse) I have prosecutted the within written warant and have aprehended the person of the within mentioned Suzanah Roots and Brought her befour awthority. 23: may 1692

By mee *Jonathan Biles Cunstible of Beverly

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 133 )