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SWP No. 137.3

( George Herrick and Others v. John Willard and Sarah Buckley )

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To: the Hon'ble John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin Esq'rs att Boston Humbly Thees Dated Salem Village May 17'th 1692

This day Goeing to Salem village by yo'r order I found all the five persons brought their which wee was in persute of we had no sooner secured them in the watchhouse but Counstable John Puttnam came in with John Willard haveing seized him att Nashaway hee beeing att worke with a howe, hee No sooner arrived, butt the afflicted persons made such an out Crye that I was forced to pinion him I have an accompt from thees whoos names are under written that on the 14'th day of Instant may Daniell Willkins about tenn of the clock in the morning was taken speechless and never spoak untell the 16'th day in the intervale of time wee often Endeavoured to make him take something in A spoone but what hee tooke in which was but little hee spitt it out in our faces w'th that wee sent to the french Doctor but hee sent word againe that it was not A naturall Cause but absolutly witchcraft to his Judgment that same day two of the afflicted persons Came up to vissett to Daniell Willkins the last night beeing the 16'th day Marcy Lewis and Mary Wallkott beeing their both did see the s'd John Willard and Goodwife Buckly upon the s'd Daniell Willkins and said that they would Kill him and in three hours after the s'd Daniell Departed this life in a Most dolful and solome Condition Therefore wee humbley begg of Yo'r Honnors to Dispach A Returne for an Examination to prevent any farther murther in the afflicted Creatours who Continue in a lemetable Condition and so wee Remaine yo'r Hon'rs most humble servants

*G Herrick

This breeiffe accompt was taken from Benj willkins by the consent of wee wheos name are under written and sent by me Ezekiell Cheevers

* Geo: Herrick Marshall

* Joseph Neale Cos'tt

* John Putnam Cos'tt

* Jonathan putnam Constable

* Nathanell Putnam

* John putnam sen

* Jonathan Walcott

* Thomas flint

* Edward Putnam

* John Buxton

* Thomas Putnam

Mr. pariss is gon to Salem

( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts [1939 acquisition] )