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SWP No. 47.2

(Examination of Martha Emerson )

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[July 23, 1692 ]

Martha Emorson was examined before Maj'r Gedney & other their
Majest'es Justices in Salem July 23: 1692 .

Martha Emorson you are here accused for afflicting: of Mary Warin
& Mary Lasey: by witchcraft: what say you: Answer: I never saw
them. Richard Carrier: s'd he see her hurt them both yester day,
but he had never seen her at the witch meeting: but Mary lasey
sen'r s'd that she had seen both Martha Emorson & her mother at
the witch meeting. Mary Warin & Mary Lacy fell down when s'd
Martha Emorson looked on them: & Mary Lasy was presently well
when s'd Emorson took her by the wrist: two more also fell down
with her looking on them: but: she denyed that she knew anything
of witchcraft.

Mary Warin s'd: that s'd Emersons spectre told her: that: she had rid
a man with an inchanted bridle: & Matthew Herriman: was called:
to say whether he had bin ridden: so or no: who answered. that last
Monday night: he was in a strange condision: and heard it rain
& blow: as I thought: but in the morning there had bin no rain: but
in the morning my tongue was sore & I could not speak till son two
hours high: & Martha Emorson came to our house that morning: as
soon as it was light for fire: Mary: Warin being in a long Dumb fitt;
signified by holding up her hand that this Harriman was the man
that she s'd Emorson s'd she had ridden: but Emorson s'd she knew
nothing of it Emerson was told: that her father: had s'd: he had
tought his Daughter Martha so that she had killed a witch: and:
that was to take the afflicted persons water & put in in a glass or
bottle: & sett it into an oven: Emorson owned she had [kept] a
womans urin: in a glass. Emorson was asked: who hindred her
from confessing she answered that her Aunt Carrier & good wife Green of Haverill: were before her: good wife Green: was angry
with her: because she would not be like her selfe for Green had
Inticed her a fortnight: to afflict & she would not: she s'd Greens wife would have her be of: that number: she was asked what Num-
ber : she s'd the number of Devils: she complaynd: that: Greens wife
& her Aunt Carrier: took her by the throat: & that they would not
lett her Confess. she s'd Greens wife had a pigg that use to follo
her: but after ward she Denyed all. & s'd: what she had s'd was in
hopes to have favour: & now she could not Deny god: that had keept
her from that sin: & after s'd though he slay me I will trust in him.

(Reverse) Mar. Emerson Exam.
Mary Warran Owned before the Grand jury Jan'y 10th
1692 that Martha Emerson had afflicted her severall times before
& at this time when she was presant with us