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SWP No. 137.36

(Ann Putnam, Jr. v. John Willard )

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The Deposition of Ann Putnam who testifieth and saith that on the 23 of April 1692 att evening I saw the Aperishtion of John Williard and I was very sorry to se him so: that one that had helpt to tend me was com to afflect me: and I bid him lett me alone and I would not complaine of him: but on the 24 of Appril being Saboth day he did soe greviously afflect me that he forced me to crie out against him before all them that were with me: and he being tould of it as he tould me on the 25'th of Apr. he came personally to my fathers house to talk with me and I tould him to his face it was so that he did hurt mee: But he denyed it most dreadfully: but I also tould him that if he would leave ofe and hurt me no more that I would not complain of him: and for 3 or 4 days he did hurt me but very little but then againe he did sett upon me most dreadfully and beat me and pinched and almost choaked me to death; threatening to kill me if I would not writ in his book: for he tould me he had whiped my little sister sarah to death and he would whip me to death if I would not writ in his book but I tould him I would not writ in his book tho he did kill me: affter this I saw the apperishtion of my little sister Sarah who died when she was about six weeks old crieing out for vengance against John Willard I also saw the Apperishtion of a woman in in a winding sheat which tould me she was John Wilknes first wife and that John Willard had a hand in her death: also I being caried to Wills hill on the 15th of May att evening. to see the afflected parsons there I saw there the Apperishtion of John Willard afflecting of his grandfather Wilknes and Daniel Wilknes and Rebecka Willknes: & he also tould me that he would kill daniel wilknes if he could but he had not power enufe yet to kill him: but he would goe to Mr Burroughs and git power to kill daniel wilknes: and also on the 18'th may being the day of his examination I was most greviously Afflected by him dureing the time of his examination for if he did but look upon me he would Immediately strick me down or almost choak me to Death and also att the time of his examination I saw the Apperishtion of John Willard goe from him and afflect the bodyes of Mary Walcott Mircy lewes Abigail williams and Elizabeth Hubburd

Ann putnam Jun: one har oath which she had taken did after the Reding of this to har did owne it to be the truth: before use the Jurris of Inqwest this 3 day of June: 1692.