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SWP No. 92.2

(Mittimus for Susannah Martin , Lydia Dustin , Dorcas Hoar , and Sarah Morey )

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[May 2, 1692]

To. the Keeper of theire Majests Goale in Boston

You are in theire Majests names hereby required to take into, your care and safe Custody the Bodys of Susanah Martin of Amesbury Widdow, Lydia Dastin of Reding Wi[ddow], Dorcas Hoare of Beverly widdow and Sarah Murrill also of Beverly who all stand Charged with high Suspition of Sundry acts of Witchcraft donne or Committed by them upon the Bodys of Mary Walcot Marcy Lewis Abigail Williams Ann putnam Elizabeth Hubbert and Susannah Sheldon and Goody Viber of Salem Village or farmes whereby great hurt and dammage hath beene donne to the bodys [of] said persons according to Complaint of Capt Jonathan Walcot and Serj't Thomas putnam of Salem Village Yeoman Exhibited Salem April the 30th. 1692: Whome you are to secure in order to theire further Examination or Tryall and hereof you are not to faile

Dated Salem Village May 2d. 1692
*John Hathorne ] Assists
*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assists
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 177. )