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SWP No. 49.2

(Warrant No. 2 for the Apprehension of Phillip English, and Officer's Return) [May 6, 1692]

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To the Marshall Generall or his Lawfull Deputie

Whereas Complaint hath bi[nbar ] made by Capt Jonathan Walcott
and Thomas putnam of Salem Village upon the 30th of April Last
past in behalfe of theire Majesties against phillip English of Salem
Merchant for high Suspition of Divers acts of Witchcraft donne or
Committed by him upon the Bodys of Ann putnam Marcy Lewis
Susannah Sheldon &c of Salem village or farmes and whereas War-
rant hath benne for some tyme since granted out for the apprehend-
ing of the said phillip English to bring him upon Examination and he
not appeareing or found since in the County of Essex

You are therefore in theire Majest's. names hereby required to
apprehend the s'd phillip English of Salem Merc't. and him Convey
unto Salem in the County of Essex and deliver him into the Custody
of the Marshall of s'd County of Essex or some Lawfull Authority
there, that he may be Examined Relateing to the aboves'd premises
Either by such as shall be appointed thereunto or to the Magestrates
in s'd place and hereof you are not to faile Dated Boston May
6t. 1692

per us
*Jonathan. Corwin

(Reverse) In obedience to the within written warr't. the within
menconed phillip English was apprehensioned & committed by the Marshall
Generall to the Marshall of Essex on the 30th. of May instant and
in pursuance of the s'd. warrant the s'd phillipp English was brought
before the within men[cbar ][obar ]ned Johnathan Corwin Esq'rs the 31st. May
1692 to answer the within accusation by me
p me * Jacob Manning marsell depay
(Reverse) Warrant P. English
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 170. )