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SWP No. 68.6

(Sarah Bibber v. Dorcas Hoar )

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[July 2, 1692 ]

The Deposistion of Sarah Viber agged about 36 years who testifieth and saith that darcas Hoar of Bevrly has most greviously tormented me a great many times with variety of tortors: also on the 2 May 1692 being the day of hir examination I saw Dorcas Hoar or hir Appearanc most greviously torment mary walcot Elizabeth hubbrd Abigaill williams ann putnam jur and Susannah shelden by biting pinching and almost choaking them: and I verily beleve in my heart that Darcas Hoar is wicth for sence she went to prison she has most dreadfully tortred me with variety of tortors: which I beleve if she want a wicth she could not doe

Jurat in Curia
Sarah Vibber: owned to the Jury of inquest that the above written evidene is truth: upon the oath she hath taken: July 2: 92
Mary Warin: testifieth before the Jury of inquest: that; she saw. Dorcas Hoare: of Beverly hurt and afflict: Susanah: Sheldon: then in the presence of the s'd Jury July: 2: 1692
(On reverse side of paper)Sara. Viber ag: Dorcas hoar
Sarah Viber
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 209 )