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SWP No. 69.7

(Testimony of Lydia Nichols v. Abigail Hobbs )

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[+ April 19, 1692]

lidea Nickals aged about 17 years testifieth & saith that a boute a yeare & halfe agoe I asked abigaill hobs how She darst lie out a nights in the wods alone She told me she was not a fraid of any thing for She told me She had Sold her selfe boddy & Soull to the old boy and sins this about a fortnight agoe the said abigaill hobs & her mother came to our hous my father & mother being not at home she begane to be rude & to behave her selfe unseemly I told her I wondred she was not ashamed She bide me hold my tonge or else she would rays all the folks thereabouts & bid me look there was old nick or else old cratten sate over the bedsted then her mother told her shee little thought to a bin the mother of such a dauter

Elisabeth Nickals aged about 12 years testifieth the same she said at our hous about a fortnight agoe

(On reverse side of paper)

Lydia & Elizabeth Nickolls ag'st Abig'll. Hobbs

These may certify whome it may concerne

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 51 )