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SWP No. 70.1

(Examination of Deliverance Hobbs )

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[ April 22, 1692 ]

(1) The Examination of Deliverance Hobbs . 22. Apr. 1692 At a Court held at Salem village by

John Hauthorn ] Esq'rs

Jonath: Corwin ] Esq'rs

Mercy Lewes do you know her that stands at the Bar (for the Magistrates had privately ordered who should be brought in, & not suffered her name to be mentioned) Do you know her? speaking to another; but both were struck dumb.

Ann Putman jun'r. said it was Goody Hobbs , & she hath hurt her much

John Indian said he had seen her, & she choake him

Mary Walcot said, yesterday was the first time that she saw her i.e. as a Tormenter

Why do you hurt these persons?

It is unknown to me.

How come you to commit acts of Witchcraft?

I know nothing of it.

It is you, or your appearance, how comes this about? Tell us the truth.

I cannot tell.

Tell us what you know in this case. Who hurts them if you do not?

There are a great many persons hurts us all.

But it is your appearance.

I do not know it.

Have not you consented to it, that they should be hurt?

No in the sight of God, & man, as I shall answere another day.

It is said you were afflicted, how came that about?

I have seen sundry sights.

What sights

Last Lords day in this meeting house & out of the door, I saw a great many birds cats & dogs, & heard a voice say come away.

What have you seen since?

The shapes of severall persons.

What did they say?


What neither the birds, nor persons?


What persons did you see?

Goody Wilds and the shape of Mercy Lewes..

What is that? Did either of them hurt you?

None but Goody Wilds , who tore me almost to peices.

Where was you then?

In bed.

Was not the book brought to you to signe?


Were not you threatened by any body, if you did not signe the book?

No, by no body.

What were you tempted to under your affliction?

I was not tempted at all.

Is it not a solemn thing, that last Lords day you were tormented, & now you are become a tormentor, so that you have changed sides, how comes this to pass?

Abig: Williams [cry out there] & Ann Putman jun'r cry out there is Goody Hobbs upon the Beam, she is not at the Bar, they cannot see her there: tho there she stood.

What do you say to this, that tho you are at the bar in person, yet they see your appearance upon the beam, & whereas a few dayes past you were tormented, now you are become a Tormentor? Tell us how this change comes. Tell true.

I have done nothing.

What have you resolved you will not confess? Hath any body threatened you if you do confess? You can tell how this change comes.

She lookt upon John Indian , & then another, & then they fell into fits.

Tell us the reason of this change: Tell us the truth what have you done?

I cannot speak.

What do you say? What have you done?

I cannot tell.

Have you signed to any book?

It is very lately then.

When was it?

The night before the last.

Well the Lord open your heart to confesse the truth. Who brought the book to you?

It was Goody Wilds .

What did you make your mark with in the book?

Pen and ink.

Who brought the Pen and Ink?

They that brought the book, Goody Wilds .

Did they threaten you if you did not signe?

Yes, to tear me in peices.

Was there any else in company?

No, Sir.

What did you afflict others by? Did they bring images?


Who brought the images?

Goody Wild & Goody Osburn .

What did you put into those images.

Pins, Sir.

#[What do you] Well tell us who have you seen of this company?

None but those two.

Have you not seen many?

No. I heard last night a kind of Thundring.

How many images did you use?

#[But two. three] But two.

Nay here is more afflicted by you, You said more. Well tell us the truth. recollect yourself.

I am amazed.

can you remember how many were brought?

Not well, but severall were brought.

Did not they bring the image of John Nichols his child?


Did not you hurt that child?


Where be those images, at your house?

No they carryed them away again.


They carried some then & some since.

Was it Goody Wild in body, or appearance?

In appearance.

Was there any man with them?

Yes a tall black man, with an high-croun'd hat.

Do you know no more of them?

No Sir.

Note All the sufferers free from affliction during her examination after once she began to confesse, tho at sundry times they were much afflicted till then.

Note Whereas yesterday at Deacon Ingersols Mary Walcot & Abigail Williams cryed there stands Goody Hobbs , showing also where Benja. Hutchinson struck at her with a Rapier, & the afflicted that is the said Mary & Abigail said, oh you have struck her on the ride side: Whereupon the Magistrates asking her after the publick examination whither she had received any hurt yesterday, she said yes in her right side like a Prick & that it was very sore, & done when she was in a Trance, telling us also in what house and room it was done. Whereupon the Magistrates required some women to search it, who found it so as she had confessed. Also a little after the said prick in her side, she had som what in her left eye like dust, w'ch agrees with what the afflicted farther said that Benja. Hutchinson after wards toucht her eye w'th the same Rapier, & said pointing to the place there was a mark which the Marshall being by said so there was.

Salem Village Aprile the 22th 1692 Mr Sam'l parris being desired to take in wrighting the Examinaticon of Deliverance hobs hath delivered itt as aforesaid

And upon heareing the same and seeing what wee did see togather with the Charg of the afflicted persons against them, Wee Committed her.

*John Hathorne
(Reverse) The Examination of (1) Deliverance Hobbs 22.Apr. 1692
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 101 )