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SWP No. 70.2

(Examination of Deliverance Hobbs in Prison)

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[+ April 23, 1692 ]

The first Examination of Deliverance Hobbs in prison.

She continued in the free acknowledging herself to be a Covenant Witch, and further Confesseth she was warned to a meeting yesterday morning, and that there was present Proctor and his Wife , Goody Nurse , Giles Cory , and his Wife , Goody Bishop alias Oliver , and Mr Burroughs was the Preacher, and prest them to bewitch all in the Village, telling them they should do it gradually and not all att once, assureing them they should prevail; He administred the sacrament unto them att the same time with Red Bread, and Red Wine Like Blood, she affirms she saw Osburn , Sarah Good , Goody Wilds ; Goody nurse, and Goody Wilds distributed the bread and Wine, and a Man in a long crowned white Hat, next the Minister, and they sat seemingly att a Table, and They filled out the wine in Tankards, The Notice of this meeting was given her by Goody wilds . She her self affirms did not nor would not Eat nor drink, but All the Rest did who were there present, therefore they Threatened to Torment her. The meeting was in the Pasture by Mr Parris's House. and she saw when ran out to speak with them: But by that Time Abigail was come a little distance from the House This Examinant was strucke blind, so that she saw not with whome Abigail spake She further saith, that Goody Wilds to prevail with her to sign, told her that If she would put her hand to the book she w'ld give her some Cloaths, and would not afflict her any more -- Hir Daughter Abigail Hobbs being brought in att the same time while her Mother was present was immediately taken with a dreadful fitt, and Answered it was Goodman Cory , and she saw him, and the Gentlewoman of Boston striving to break her Daughters Neck

(Reverse) Deliverance Hobs Mary Waren

[Editor's Note: This confession may be dated 22 April 1692, as per document "Summary of Evidence v. Sarah Good."]

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 102 ) (Cont. )