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SWP No. 69.3

(Examination of Abigail Hobbs , May 12, 1692)

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Abigail Hobbs Examination att Salem Prison May. 12. 1692 --

Q. Did Mr Burroughs bring you any of the poppets of his wives to stick pinns into?
An: I do not Remember that he did.
Q. Did he of any of his Children, or of the Eastward Souldres.
A. No.
Q. Have you known of any that have been killed by witchcraft.
A. No. No -- Body.
Q. How came you to speak of mr Burrougs's Wifes yesterday?
A. I dont know.
Q. Is that true about Davis's Son of Cascoe, and of those of the Village?
A. yes it is true
Q. What Service did he put you upon? and who are they you afflicted?
A. I cannot tel who, neither do I know whether they dyed.
Q. were they Strangers to you, that Burrougs would have you afflict?
A. Yes
Q. and were they afflicted accordingly?
A. Yes.
Q. cant you name Some of them?
A. No I cannot Remember them
Q. where did they Live?
A. att the Eastward
Q. Have any vessells been cast away by you?
A. I do not know.
Q. Have you Consented to the Afflicting any Other besides those of the village?
A. Yes.
Q. Who were they?
A. I cannot tell, But it was of such who lived att the fort side of the River about half a mile from the fort, toward Capt. Bracketts .
Q. What was the hurt you did to them by Consent?
A. I dont know.
Q. was their any thing brought to you like them?
An. yes.
Q. what did you stick into them?
A. Thorns.
Q. did some of them dy?
A. Yes. one of them was Mary Laurence [that dyed.]
[Q. Wher]
[Q. where] did you stick the thorns?
A. I do not know
Q. was is about the middle of her body?
A. Yes and I stuck it right in.
Q. what provoked you, had she displeased you?
A. Yes by some words she spoke of mee.
Q. who brought the image to you?
A. It was Mr Burroughs .
Q. How did he bring itt to you?
A. In his own person Bodily.
Q. where did he bring it to you?
A. Abroad a little way of from o'r house.
Q. and what did he say to you then?
A. He told me He was angry with that family.
Q. How may years Since was it?
A. Before this Indian Warr.
Q. How did you know mr. Burroughs was a Witch?
A. I dont know. She owned againe She had made two Covenants with the Devil, first for two years, and after that for four years, and She Confesseth herslef to have been a Witch these Six years.
Q. did the Maid Complain of pain about the place you stuck the thorn in.
A. yes But how long she Lived I dont know.
Q. How do you know burroughs was Angry w'th Lawrences family?
A. Because he told me so:
Q. where did any other live that you afflicted?
A. Just by the Other toward James Andrews's , and they dyed also.
Q. How many were they more than one?
A. Yes.
Q. And who brought those Poppets to you?
A. Mr Burroughs .
Q. what did you stick into them?
A. Pinns, and he gave them to mee.
Q. Did you keep those Poppets?
A. No, he carryed them away with him.
Q. was he there himselfe with you in Bodily person?
A. yes, and So he was, when he appeared to tempt mee to set my hand to the Book, he then appeared in person, and I felt his hand att the Same time
Q. were they men, Women or Children you killed?
A. They were both Boys and Girls.
Q. Was you angry with them yourself?
A. Yes, tho I dont know why now.
Q. Did you know mr Burroughs's Wife?
A. Yes.
Q. Did you know of any poppits prickd to kill her?
A. No I dont
Q. Have you seen several Witches at the Eastward
A. Yes, But I dont know who they were.

(Reverse) Abigail Hobs Examinations.

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 155 )