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SWP No. 69.2

(Examination of Abigail Hobbs , April 20, 1692)

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Abigail Hobb's Examination 20. Apr. 1692 in Salem Prison

This Examinant declares that Judah White , a Jersey maid that lived with Joseph Ing'rson at Cascoe, but now lives at Boston, with whome this Examinant was very well formerly acquainted, came to her yesterday in apparition, together with Sarah Good , as this Examinant was going to Examination, and advised her to fly, and not goe to be Examined, shee told them that She would goe; They Charged her if she did go to Examination not to Confess anything. She Said she would Confes all that She knew; They told her also Goody Osburn was a witch This Judah White came to her in fine Cloaths in a Sad coloured Silk Mantel, with a Top knot and an hood She Confesseth further that the Devil in the Shape of a Man came to her and would have her to afflict Ann Putnam, Mercy Lewis, and Abigail Williams , and brought their images with him in wood like them, and gave thorns, and bid her prick them into those images, which She did accordingly into Each of them one.and then the Devil told her they were afflicted which accordingly they were and Cryed out they were hurt by Abigail Hobbs . She Confesseth, She was at the great Meeting in Mr Parris's Pasture when they administered the Sacram'tt, and did Eat of the Red Bread and drink of the Red wine att the same Time.

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 155 )