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SWP No. 68.14

( Deposition of Mary Gage v. Dorcas Hoar & Goody wiles)

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[+ September 6, 1692 ]

The deposition of Marie Gadge aged about 48 years this deponent testifieth & saith that about nine years agon s'd Deponent & her son Josiah Wood being at the house of John Giles in Beverly & Dorcas hoare being there alsoe; the s'd Hoare told her that her Child was not Long lived & s'd Deponent asked her how she knew: the Child being well then, s'd Hoare replied it would not live Long & bade her marke the end of it; & about a month after that time her s'd Child was taken sick & died sudenly and about halfe a year after s'd Deponent asked s'd Hoare how she could fortell the death of the Child her answer was she had acquaintance with a doctor that taught her to know & had a doctors booke by her And s'd Deponent saith farther that about 2 year agon s'd Deponent being often Concerned at the house of Benjamin Balch sen'r w'th his son David being then sick: she heard s'd David Balch often Complaine that he was tormented by witches: s'd Deponent asked him whether he knew who they were & s'd David balch answered it was Goody wiles & her Daughter & Goody Hoare . & one of marblehead he knew not by name; saying alsoe there was a Confederacy of them & they were then whispering together at his beds feet, and desired Gabriell Hood to strike them: & when he did strike at the place where s'd. Balch said they sate: s'd Balch said that he had struck Goody wiles & she was Gone presently: and at severall other times s'd Balch Cried out of Good Hoares tormenting him & prayed earnestly to the Lord to bring them out & discover them & farther saith not