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SWP No. 136.11

( Elizabeth Symonds v. Sarah Wilds )

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The Depotion of Elizabath Symons aged about 50 yeares Whoe testifieth and saith that about #(tweuelve) twelve or thirteene yeares sence theire abouts being in Company With my Mother Androus/ after a Lecter#(day) in Topsfeild my mother and I ware agoeing to give Goodwife Redington a visiat and as wee went wee overtooke Goodwife Wilds and my mother fell into discourse about a syee [scythe] that my Brother John and Joseph Androus had borede of Goodman Wilds for one day: and my mother tould Goodwife Wilds how John and Joseph Androus ware trobled about gitting home a Load of hay/ then goodwife Wilds replied and said all that might bee and I know nothing of it/ then my mother replied and said to her whie did you threaten them and tould them thay had better alet it alone then she did threaten my mother and tould her that she would make her prove it and then my mother caaled to mee and bid mee bare witnes Elizabath what she saith/ and then she did Looke bake apon mee and Emedatly I did fale into such a trembling Condition that I was as if all my joynts did knoke togather so that I could hardly goe along/ and the night faling #(as) after I was #(ageing to) bed I did see somthing stand between the wale and I/ I did see somthing stand theire and I did Looke apon it a Consideradabell time so Long that I was afraid to Ly one that sid of the bed and asked my husban to Let mee Ly one the other sid of the bed and he did/ and then I did feele it Come apon my feete as if it had bin a cat and Crope up to my breast and Lay apon mee and then I Could not move nether hand nor foot nether Could I speeake a word I did strive to cale#(d) to my husban but I Could not speake and so I Lay all night/ and in the moring I Could speeake and then I tould #(him) my husband thay talke of the old witch but I thinke she has ride mee all this night and then I tould my husband how it had bin with mee all the night/ we had a Lecture once a #(fortnight) month in Topsfeild and the next Lectter day after the first above named/ as I was sitting in my seate #(God) Goodwife Wilds Coming by the end of the seeat I sat in I was Emedatly taken with such apay[n] in my bake that I was not abell to bare it and fell downe in the seea[t] and did not know wheaire I was and some pepall tooke me up and Caried mee out of the meeting house but I did not know nothing of it tell afterwards when I Came to my selfe I did wonder how I Come theire up to mr Hubbard house and when I did Come to my selfe and a great many pepall Come about mee to aske mee what was the matter with mee Goodwife Wilds Come and stood at the End of the tabell and I Replied and said theire she is and my mother bid mee goe and serve her but I Could not sture/ and so I have Contined at times Ever senc som times with paynes in one plase and som times in another plase soe as I have not bin abell to doe any thing in my fameliey at severall times I have bin at the Docters but thay Cannot give mee any thing that #(dos) dos mee any good this is in short of what I Can say being #(some of the) heire in the heart of what I Can speeake too. I am verey Willing to Come and ateste to all above wrighteen and if the Lord give mee streanke but at present I am not abell to Come

Jurat in Curia

(On reverse side of paper) Elisabeth Symons agt Sarah Wiles to be Sumoned Abraham Reddington Sen
Joseph Bixbey Jun'r
( Essex Institute MSS Collection )