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SWP No. 72.21

(Testimony of Francis Lane v. Elizabeth How )

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[June 30, 1692]

Francis Lane aged 27 yeares testifyeth & saith that about seaven yeares agoe James How the Husband of Elizabeth How of Ipswich farmes hired s'd Lane to get him a parcell of posts & railes & s'd Lane hired John Pearly the son of Samuell Pearly of Ipswich to help him in getting of them And after they had got said Posts & railes. the said Lane went to the said James How that he might goe with him & take delivery of said posts & railes. & Elizabeth How the wife of s'd James how told said Lane that she did not beleive that s'd Posts & railes would doe because that s'd John Pearly helped him & she said that if he had got them alone & had not got John Pearly to help him she beleived #[beleived] that they would have done but seing that said Pearly had helped about them she beleived that they would not doe. so s'd James How went with said Lane for to take delivery of s'd Posts & railes & the s'd James How toke severall of the said railes as they lay in heaps up by the end & they broke of, so many of them broke that said Lane was forced to get thirty or forty more & when said How came home he told his wife thereof & she said to him that she had told him before that they would not doe because said Pearly helped about them which railes said Lane testifyeth that in his Aprehention were good sound railes

francis Lane: declared: to the Jury of inques: to the truth of the above written: evidence upon oath: June: 30th 1692