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SWP No. 72.28

( Nehemiah Abbott v. Elizabeth How )

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[June 30, 1692]

The testimony of Nehamiah Abot Aged about 60 yers: saith that after any difrencis with James Hows wif elizabeth how ofen Evill a curents did falow som straing loses I met withall amongst our Catill: I had one ox gat into thair fild and James Hows wife was very aingry and wished he was choked and some short time after his falow was choked with a turnop: and goodwif hows dauter came to borow my hors but I could not spare him: and the day after my hors was Cast in the barne with his head under him as my Sarvants tould me and I want and saw the plac whair he lay and I had a kow was so wake and lame that she could not go with out the halp of thre or fouer men to hold hur up and I put hur in my barne and put the Raills to kep hur from other Catill and about one ouer after the kow was gone the Raills being up and was in the mier a bout forty Rods of and I was forst to gat the same halpe to get hur thathir againe

Nehamiah Abbot: declared: to: the Jury of inquest: the above written to:

be the truth: upon oath: June: 30: 1692

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Nathan Abot.
( Essex Institute Collection, no. 5 )