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(Deposition of Timothy Perley and Deborah Perley v. Elizabeth How .)

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[June 1, 1692. ]

the first of june 1692.

the deposition of timothi Perley and deborah Perley his wife timothi Perley aged about 38 and his wife about 33 there being som diferance betwene goode how that is now seised namely elizebeth: How: Wife to James How: Jun'r and timothi Perli above said about some bords the night folowing three of our cous lay out and finding of them the next morning we went to milk them and one of them did not give but two or thre spoone fuls of milk and one of the other cous did not give above halfe a Pinte and the other gave about a quart and these cous used to give three or four quarts at a meale two of thes cous continued to give litle or nothing four or five meals and yet thai went in a good inglesh Pasture and within four dais the cous gave ther ful ProPortion of milk that thai used to give

furder deborah Perley testifieth and as conserning hanah Perley Samuel Perleys daughter that was so sore: aflicted her mother and she coming to our house hanah Perley being sudainli scared #[leaPed over a Chest] and said thers that woman she goes into the oven and out again and then fel in to a dredful fit and when I have asked her when she said that woman what woman she ment she tould me jeams hows wife sometime hanah Perley went along with me to jeams hows an sone fell in to a fit goode how was veri loving to her and when the garl and I came away i asked her whi she talked so of goode how being she was so loving to her she tould me that if i were aflicted as she was that i would talk as bad of her as she did at another time i saw goode how and hanah Perley together and thai were veri loving together and after goode how was gone i asked her whi she was so loving to goode how when thai were together she tould me that she was afraide to doe other wise for then goode how would kil her

*deborah Perley
Timothy Pearly: And Deborah his wife declared to the Jury of inquest to all of the above written evidence: on this side of this paper: that it is the truth upon oath: June 30th
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 323 )