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SWP No. 133.10

( Abigail Martin and John Bridges v. Samuel Wardwell )

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the deposetion of Abigell Marten of Andaer Aged about sixteen years this deponent Testifyeth and sayeth that some time last winter: Samuel wardwall being at my fathers hows: with John farnom: I heard said John farnon ask: said wordwall his forteen [fortune]; which he did: and told him that: he was in love with a gurll: but should be crost: & should goe to the Sutherd: which said farnom: oned to be his thought: said wardwall further: told he had like to be shot with a gon: & should have a foall of from his hors or should have: which: said farnom, after oned that he told Right:

And further I heard him tell Jeams bridges his forten: that he loved a gurll at forteen years ould: which: said bridges: oned to be the truth: but Cold not imagin how said wardwall knew: for he never: spake of it: John bridges father of said ieams: bridges sayeth: he heard Jeam say I wonder how wardwall cold teell so true

Jurat in Curia,
By both
(Reverse) Abiga'l Martin & James Bridges depo' ve's Sam'l Wardwell
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 29 )