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SWP No. 45.9

( Statement of Thomas Fosse and Elizabeth Fosse for Mary Esty )

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[September 5, 1692 ]

thes may Sartifie home it may cun[cern]
that wee hows names are undor Ritt[en]
Being dasired by some of the Realeations of
mary estweke to give our obsarvation how
she behaved hur self while she Roumain[ed]
in Ipswech prison we dow afarme th[at]
wee sawe noe ell carreg or behav[iour in]
hure but that hure daportment wosi [torn]
Sobor and civell as wittnes our h[ands this]

5 Saptem 92


[ Fosse ]
his mark
elesabeth [Foss e]

(Reverse) thomos Fosse tastimoney about marey Astey
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 289. )