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SWP No. 24.11

(Deposition of Phoebe Chandler v. Martha Carrier )

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[+ August 3, 1692 ]

The deposition of Phoebe Chandl'r aged about 12 years:

Testifieth That about a fourthnight before Martha Carrier , was
sent for to Salem to be examined, upon the Sabbath day when the
psalm was singing, s'd Martha Carrier took me s'd deponent by the
shoulder & shaked me, in the meeting house & asked me where I
lived: but I made her no answere, (not doubting but that she knew
me, having lived some time the next door to my fathers house, on
one side of the way) & that day that s'd Martha Carrier was ceased,
my mother sent me to Carry some bear to the folks that were att
work in the lott, & when I came within the fence there was a voice
in the bushes(which I thought was Martha Carriers voice, which I
knowe well) but saw noe body, & the voice asked me, what I did
there & whether I was going: which greatly frighted me, soe that
I run as fast as I could to those att work, & told them what I had
heard, about an hour & half, or two hours after, my mother sent me
again upon the same occasion, to the workmen aboves'd Coming
home, near the place aboves'd where I heard that voice before, I
heard the same voice, as I judged, over my head, saying I should be
poysoned within two or three days, which accordingly happened, as
I Conceive, for I went to my sister Allens farm the same day, and on
friday following, about one half of my right hand was greatly swolen
& exceeding painfull, & allsoe part of my face, which I can give noe ac-
count how it Came & Continued very bad some days, & severall
times since I have been troubled with a great weight upon my breast,
& upon my leggs, when I have been going about, soe that I could
hardly goe, which I have told my mother of: And the last sabbath
day was seaven night, I went to meeting very well in the morning,
& went to my place where I used to sitt (the ministers not being Come)
& Richard Carrier son of aboves'd Martha looked very earnestly
upon me, & imediately my hand which had formerly been poy-
soned as aboves'd, began to pain me greatly, & I had a strange burn-
ing att my stomake, & then was struck deaf that I could not hear
any of the prayer, nor singing, tell the two or three last words of
the singing:

Jurat in Curia
her mark

Phoebe Chandler

Bridget Chandler aged 40 years Mother to the s'd Phoebe Testi-
fieth that in the day of it her daughter Complained as above is Ex-
pressed .
Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Phebe Chandler
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 316 )