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SWP No. 38.15

( Deposition of Edward Putnam v. Martha Corey )

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[+ March 21, 1692]

The diposistion of Edward Putnam aged about 38 yeares ho testi-
fieth and saith one the 14 day of march 1692 martha Cory the wife
of giles Cory Came to the house of Thomas Putnum: she being de-
sired to Come and see his dauter ann Putnam: ho had Charged martha
Cory to her face that she had hurt her by witchcraft but no sonner
did martha Cory Come in to the hous of thomas putnam but ann putnam fell in to grevious feets of Choking blinding feat and hands
twisted in a most grevious maner and told martha Cory to her face
that she did it, and emediately hur tonge was dran out of her: mouth
and her teeth fasned upon it in a most grevious maner after ann
putnam had libberty to spake she said to martha Cory ther is a
yellow burd a sucking betwen your fore finger and midel finger I
see it said ann putnam I will Come and see it said she: so you may
said martha Cory: but before an Came to her I saw martha Cory
put one of her fingers in the place whear ann had said she saw the
burd and semed to give a hard rub ann putnam Came and said she
see nothing but emediately she was blinded after this ann putnam
tryed to go to her and when she Came allmost to her shee fell down
blindad and Cold not Come at her any more: ann putnam allso
told her she put her hands upon the face of Joseph poopes wife one
the Sabath day at meeting and shuing. her how she did it emediately
her hands ware fasned to her eyes that they Cold not be pulled from
them except they should have ben broaken. off, after this ann put-
nam said hear is a speet at the fier with a man apon it and Goodey Cory you be a turnning of it then marcy lues toock a stick and
struck at it and then it went away but emediately it apered again and
marcy lues ofred to strike it again but ann putnam said do not if you
love your self but presently marcy lues Cryed out with a grevious
pane in her arme as if one had struck her with a stick upon her arme
and ann putnam told goodey Cory she see her strike marcy lues with
a Iron rood upon her arme: and marcy lues and ann putnam gru so
bad with panes we desired goodey Cory to be gone and marcy lues
said she saw shadows like women but Cold not disarn ho they were
but presently Cryed out in a very loud maner I onte I onte and being
asked what they wold have her do she said they wold have me to
right and emediately she was Choked and blinded her neck twicted her
teeth and mouth #[shet] shut and gru to such feets as wold put two
or three men to it to hold her and was this evening drawn toward the
fier by unseen hands as she sat in a Chare and two men hold of it
yet she and Chare moveed toward the fier tho they labored to the
Contrary her feat going formost and I seeing it steped to her feat
and lifted with my stringht together with the other two and all
littel enuf to prevent her from going in to the fier with her feat
formost and this destres held tell about a leven of the Cloack in the
night/ I have allso seen maney bitees before and sence apon ouer
aflicted parsons that have told me martha Cory did it the prisner now
at the bar --

*Edward Putnam

Jurat in Curia
S Sewall Cle[r]
(In left margin, vertically)
Edward Putman
( Witchcraft Papers, no. 20, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA., Boston, MA. )