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SWP No. 91.1

(Examination of Mary Marston )

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[August 29, 1692 ]

Before Maj'r Gidney Mr Hauthorn & Cap'n Higginson

29 Agust 1692 The Examination & confession of mary marston wife of Jno marston Jun'r of Andover:

Being asked how long she had practised witchcraft, Answered a week agoe since she gave consent or Leave to afflict, she said she heard a voice in the night tyme which desyred leave of her to afflict & she answered yes, and being asked if she had not afflicted Abigail martin she said the devil did it for her

Said Abigail martin being in a choakeing fitt, Mary Lacey saw William Barker and this mary marston afflicting of her. S'd lacey saw them also afflict martha Sprague -- The said mary Marston being again asked how long it is since she was first seduced, she said sometyme in the last winter, And that being at home in her onw house, & her husband absent, she saw the appearance of a black man in the evening a litle after it was dark. The said black man bid her serve him, and beleeve in him, He also offered a paper book without covers to signe, which she did with a pen dipt in Ink and therewith made a stroake, He told her she [should] not be discovered, he also told her he was the devil and that she should live happily she again said it is not above a week agoe since the devil asked her consent to afflict and that yesterday being sabath day and the 28th of the month she afflicted Abigail martin , And martha Sprague on the Saturnday before, she again said that on the munday before that she only heard a voice and that if it was any body it was the devil that taught her this witchcraft. Being asked what she was to doe when the persones should be afflicted Answered to pinch and Squeeze her hands together and so to think upon the persones to be afflicted

She saith that W'm Barker & she afflicted in company together the last saturnday And it was by their spirits they conversed and agreed so to doe And they mett at Mr Tylers house for that end, And further they began their affliction first upon martha Sprague , next upon Rose foster and then upon Abigail martin --

Martha Sprague said that she was afflicted upon Saturday at Salem by s'd mary marston & others The said marston being asked how long she was comeing from Andover to Salem upon saturnday in her spirit, Ansred not long. Q: how brought you A. the black man. and said also ther came along with her William Barker & mary Barker And that she Viz marston for. her part Squeezed Spragues neck

Being asked what moved her to afflict any persone she said the devil made her doe it And when she refused he looked angry and threatned her very much

Noate That hitherto she still struck down the afflicted persones w'th her eyes and recovered them again by Layeing her hand upon their wrist or arme

Being again asked how long since the devil seduced her answered about three years agoe (noate, Lacey & sprague saw the apparitions of the black man and barker standing before said mary marston #[She now saith that about the tyme when her mother dyed and she was over come with melancholly] about three year since the black man appeared to her in the great Roome and told her she must serve and worship him And so she did And that was the first tyme she signed the devils book, she saith Wm & Mary Barkers were her companiones, She acknowledges the hurting of the aflicted persones, & was sorry for it But yet could not Look upon them without strykeing of them down. --

A litle after she confessed she was at the witchmeet[i]ng at Salem Village and that she did ryde upon a pole and the meeting was upon a green Martha sprague said the apparitions told marston she #[should not] had confessed too much already and therefore would not Let her speak any more.

Mary Marston signed & owned the abovesaid Examination & Conffession


marke of mary marston

before me: *John Higginson Just'ce peace
15 Sept. 1692:

(Reverse) Confessions of Mary Marston wife of John Marston Jun'r of Andover.
Accused W'm Barker
Mary Barker
Billa vera
Aflicted Martha Sprage
Rose foster
Abigaill Martin
*Robert Payne foreman.
( Massachusetts Archives Collection. Vol. 135 No. 47. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston. )