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SWP No. 13.19

Testimony of (Elizabeth Hubbard v. Bridget Bishop and Mary Warren)

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[++ April 19, 1692]

mary waring brought the book to elisibath houbard and would haue hur sat hur hand to the book which she brought unto hur and she said i wont i wont i wont [a?] if you sat your hand to the book you shall be well for i did so and i am well and i told hir i would not then she told me i should never be well [then] told hur i would not if i am never well o you wicked wich mary waring why will you du so

now whilest i was righting thes lines thar came in mary waring
and another woman with hur whch woman mary waring shap said
was goodey oliver and that woman came in hur sheft

(Reverse) Elizab Hubbard ag'st Mary Warrin

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft. vol. 1, nos. 117 & 152.)