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SWP No. 63.7

(Summary of Evidence v. Sarah Good )

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[++ June 29, 1692 ]

Titabes Confession & Examinacon ag't. her selfe & Sarah Good abstracted

Charges Sarah Good to hurt the Children & would have had her done it 5. were with her last night & would have.had her hurt the Children w'ch she refused & that Good was one of them

Good with others are very strong & pull her with them to Mr. putnams & made her hurt the Child. Good [ther] rode with her upon Apoole behind her, takeing hold of one another doth not know how they goe for she never sees trees nor path but are presently th --

Good [ther] tell her she must kill some body with a knife & would have had her killed Tho: putnams Child last night the Child at the same time afirmed she would have had her cutt of her own head if not Titabe would doe it & complained of a knife cutting her

Good came to her last night when her Mr. was at prayer & would not let her hear hath one yellow bird & stopped her Eares in prayer time, the yellow bird hath been seen by the Children & Titabee saw it suck Good between the forefinger & long finger upon the right hand

Saw Good [ther] practice witchcraft.

Saw Good have a Catt besides the bird & a thing all over hair [ther]

Sarah Good appeared like a wolfe to Hubbard going to proctors & saw it sent by Good to Hubbard

Good [ther] hurt the Children again & the Children affirme the same Hubbard knew th[em] not being blinded by them & was once or twice taken dumb herslefe i:e: Titabe

Good caused her to pinch the Children all in their own persons

Saw Goods name in the booke, & the devell told her they made these marks & said to her she made ther marke & it was the same day she went to prison

Good [ther] came to ride abroad with her & the man shewed her Goods mark in the book

Good [ther] pinched her on the leggs & being searched found it soe after confession

Nota S. G. mumbled when she went away from Mr Parriss & the children after hurt.

Dorothy Goods Charge ag't. her mother Sarah Good . That she had three birds one black, one yellow & that these birds hurt the Children & afflicted persons.

her own Confession

Nota None here sees the witches but the afflicted & themselves Charges Sarah Osburne with hurting the Children -- looking upon them at the same time & not being afflicted must consequently be a Witch

Deliverance Hobs Confession

being at a meeting of the witches in Mr: parisses feild when Mr. Burroughs preached & administred the sacram't to them saw Good amongst the rest & this fully agrees with what the afflicted persons relate. 22th. Apr (92)

Abigaile Hobbs' Confession

was in Company with Sarah Good & knowes her to be a witch & afterwards was taken deafe & Mary walcott [ther] saw Good & osburn run their fingers into this dep'oits ears a little after she spoke & s'd Good told her she sh'd not speake

Mary Warren's Confession

That Sarah Good is a Witch & brought her the booke to signe to.

(Reverse) Elizabeth Hubbard

Mary Walcott

Ann puttnam

Mercy Lewis

Sarah Vibber

Abigail Williams aflicted by S. Good & saw her shape.

Richard Patch

W'm Allen that she app'rd to him when abed

W'm Good . that she hath a strange Tett or wort

John Hughes that he saw strange sights.

Sam; Braybrooke that she said she would not confess unless proved ag't her & that ther was but One Evidence & that an Indian & ther for did not fear

( Evidences ag't. Sarah Good Extract of them No. 1 Ind't.

V. Sarah Good Witnesses to the Indictm'ts No. 1

Sarah vibber

Abigall Williams

Eliz. Hubbard

Ann Putman

No. 2

Eliz: Hubbard

A nn Put man

Mary Wolcott

Abigaill Wi lliams

Ann Putman

El. Hubbard

Abigall Williams

Sarah Davis of Wenham widow of Jno. Davis


Sarah vibber

Abigall Williams

Elizabeth Hubbard

Ann Putman

.. versas Good

Marcy Lewis

Ann Putman

Sarah Bibber

Mary Wolcott

abigall Williams

No. 3

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 13 )