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SWP No. 45.18

( Deposition of Samuel Abby & Testimony of Sarah Trask v. Mary Esty , John Willard , & Mary Witheridge )

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[September 9, 92 ]

+May 23, 1692

The Deposistion of Samuell Abby aged about 45 years who
testifieth and saith that on the 20th of may 1692 I went to the
house. of constable Jno. putnam:about 9 a clock in the moring and
when I came there: Mircy lewes lay on the bed in a sad condition and
continewing speachless for about an hour: the man not being at
whom: the woman desired me to goe to Tho: putnams to bring Ann putnam to se if she could se who it was that hurt mircy lewes: accordingly I went: and found Abigail williams along with ann putnam:
and brought them both to se mircy lewes: and as they ware a goeing
along the way both of them said that they saw the Apperishtion of
Goody Estick and said it was the same woman that was sent whom
the other day: and said also that they saw the Apperishtion of the
other woman that appered with goody estick the other day.and both
of them allso said that the Apperishtion of goody Estick tould them
that now she was afflecting of mircy lewes: and when they came to
Mircy lewes both of them said that they saw the Apperishtion of
goody Estick and Jno. willard and mary witheridge afflecting the
body of mircy lewes: and I continewing along with mircy who con-
tinewed in a sad condition the greatest part of the day being in such
tortors as no toungue can express: but not able to spake: but at last
said Deare lord Receive my soule and againe said Lord let them not
kill me quitt, but att last she came to hir self for a little whille and
was very sensable and [and] then she said that goody estick said
she would kill hir before midnight because she did not cleare hir
so as the Rest did. then againe presently she fell very bad and cried
out pray for the salvation of my soule for they will kil me

Jurat in Curia Sep'r. 9th. 92
Sarah Trask ageed about 19 years testifieth that she went along
with Abigaill williams and #[Mircy Lewis] Ann putnam and also hard them say what is above writen they said: and also hard mircy lewes declare what is above writen she said.
(Reverse) Sam Abbey
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol 1, no. 290. )