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SWP No. 107.18

(Deposition of Mary Walcott & Elizabeth Hubbard v. John Proctor , Elizabeth Proctor Benjamin procter, , & Sarah Proctor; Testimony of James Holton v. John Procter & Elizabeth Procter)

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[August 10, 1692]

The deposion of Mary Walcutt and Elizabeth Hubbard , s'd that on the 29 of May 1692 we came to see James holten, how lay grevesely tormented and we then saw John prockter and his wife his son beni procter, Sarah procter, #[ Wil procter, ] and all of them a presing of him w'h there hands one his stomack and tormenting of him most grevesely and then quckly after they fell upon us and afflected us most dredfully for a considerable time

Jurat in Curia

by both

James holten testifieth.and sd that as soon as mary Walcutt and elizebeth hubard was afflected that at that same time I had ease of my pains

Jurat in Curia

(Reverse) Mary Walcott & Elizabeth ags't Jno proctor & wife &c James Holten

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 58. )