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SWP No. 81.4

(Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. Rebecca Jacobs )

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[September 10, 1692]

The deposistion of Eliz Hubbred who testifieth and saith that one the begining of may 1692 I was afflected by Rebecah Jacobs the wife of George Jacobs but on the may 1692 being the day of hir examination I saw Rebekah Jacobs or hir Apperanc most greviously afflet mary walcott Abigail williams and Ann putnam: tho when she began to confes she left ofe hirting of us but severall times sence that she has most greviously affleted me and I beleve in my heart that Rebecka Jacobs is a wicth and that she has often affleted me and the afforesaid parsons by acts of wicthcraf.

Eliz Hubbard ownd: the truth of the above written evdence: before the Jury of Inques. Sept 10: 1692

(Reverse) Eliz: hubard vs Rebecca Jacobs

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 272. )