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SWP No. 38.14

(Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. Martha Corey )

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[August 4, 1692]

The Deposistion of Elizabeth Hubburd agged about 17 years who
testifieth and saith that about the 15'th march 1691/2 I saw the
Apperishtion of Martha Cory who did Immediatly hurt me and urged
me to writ in hir book and so she continewed hurting of me by times
tell the 21 march being the day of hir Examination: and then in the
time of hir Examination she did torment me most dreadfully by bit-
ing pinching and almost choaking me the marks of which I shewed
to severall and at the same time aso I saw the Apperishtion of Martha Cory greviously afflect mircy lewes: and also severall times sence
the Apperishtion of martha Cory has most greviously afflected me
and urged me vehemently to writ in hir book also on the day of hir
Examination I saw martha Cory or hir Apperan[ce most greviously
tormet mary wolcott mercy lewes Abigail williams] and ann putnam
and I beleve in my heart that martha Cory is a dreadfull wicth and
that she hath very often afflected and tormented me and the affor-
mentioned parsons by acts of wicthcraft

Jurat in Curia
Eliz: Hubbard: declared the above written Evidence: to be the truth:
before the Jury of inquest upon oath: Aug'st 4: 1692 Aug'st 4: 1692 (Reverse) Eliz Hubbard against
Martha Cory
( Witchcraft Papers, no. 19, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA., Boston, MA. )