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SWP No. 21.8

(Deposition of Benjamin Hutchinson v. Sarah Buckley and Mary Witheridge )

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[September 15, 1692]

The deposistion of benjamine Hutchinson who testifieth and saith
that my wife was much affleted presently affter the last exeicution
w'h violent paines in hir head and teeth and al parts of hir body but
on sabath day was #[three] fortnight in the morning she being in
such excescive mesiry that she said she beleved that that she had an
evell hand upon hir whereupon I went: to Mary Walcott one of our
next neighbors to come and look to se if she could se any body upon
hir and as soon as she came into the house she said that our Two
neighbors sarah Buckly and mary witheridge were upon my wife: and
Immediatly my wife had ease and Mary Walcott was tomented: where
upon I went down to the shrieff and desired him to take sume course
with thos women that they might not have souch power to torment:
and presently he ordored them to be fettered and ever sence that
my wife has ben tolorable well and I beleve in my hart that sarah Buckly and mary witheridge has hurt my wife and severall others by
acts of wicthcraft

Benjamin Huchenson owned the above written Evidence to be
the truth upon Oath before the grand inquest 15-7

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 35. Massachusetts State Archives. Boston.