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SWP No. 22.28

( Testimony of Benjamin Hutchinson v. George Burroughs )

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[++ April 22, 1692 ]

Benjemin huchension s'd that one the 21'st aprell 92 abegeral
wiluams s'd that there.was a lettell black menester that Lived at
Casko bay he told me so and s'd that he had kild 3 wifes two for
himself and one for mr Losen and that he had made nine Weches in
this plase and s'd that he Could hold out the hevest gun that Is
in Casko bay w'th one hand w'c no man Can Case hold out w't
both. hands this Is about a ll a clock and I ask her Where about this
lettel man stood s'd she Just where the Cart wheell went along I
had a 3 graned irne fork in my hnad and I thru it wher she said
he stud and she presently feell in a letel feet and when it twas over
Said She you have toren his coot for I hard it tare wher abouts
said I one won side said she

then we come into the house of left Ingersoll and I went into the
great Roome and abigle come in and said ther he stands I said wher
wher and presently draed my rapyer but he emmedetly was gon as
she said then said she ther is a gray catt then i said wher abouts
doth she stand ther s'd she ther than I struck # [with] with my
rapyer then she fell in afitt and when it was over she said you kild
hur and immedetly Sary good come and carrid hur away this was
about 12 a clock The same day after lecttor in the said: Ingersolls
chamber abigaill williams mary walcot said that goody hobs of
topfell bitt mary walcot by the foot then both falling into a fit
as soone as it was over the said william hobs and his wife goe both of
them a long the table; the said hucheson tooke his rapier stabed
goody hobs one the side as abigaill williams & mary walcot saide:
the said abigaill & mar said the roome was full of them then the
said hucheson & Ely putnam stabed with their raperres at a ventor
then said mary & abigell you have killed a greet black woman of Ston-
intown . and an Indian that comes with her for the flore is all covered
with blod.then the said mary and abigaill looked out of dores & said
they saw a greet company of them one a hill & there was three of
them lay dead the black woman & the indian & one more that they
knew not

This being about.4.a clock in the after noon

(On reverse side of paper) Ben Huchison

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft Vol. 2, Page 16 )