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SWP No. 22.2

(Letter of Elisha Hutchinson Concerning the apprehension of George Burroughs )

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[May 2, 1692 ]

Portsmouth, May 2. 1692


I Recd an order from the Gov'r & Council to aprehend mr
George Buroughs at present preacher at Wells, to be Sent to Salem
their to be Examened, being Suspected to have Confedracy with the
devil in opressing Sundry persons about yo'r Towne of Salem, accord-
ingly I have sent him by John Partredg Marshal of this provence,
Except he meet with any other Authority that will co[mbar ]it him to
Some other officer to be Convayed as above, he pleading it will be
to his da[mbar ]age to go So far, I am

yo'r humble Servant

*Elisha Hutchinson
[Reverse] To Jno Hauthorn
or Jona Curwin Esq s
In Salem
Majo Hutchesons Letter Concern Burrough ( Witchcraft Papers, no. 2, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA..)