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SWP No. 107.14

(Deposition Mary Warren v. John Proctor )

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[30'th Day of June 1692]

The deposition of mary warrin aged 20 y'rs ho testifieth I have seen the apparition of John procter sen'r among the wiches and he hath often tortored me by penching me and biting me and Choakeing me and presing me one my Stomack tell the blood came out of my mouth and all so I saw him tortor Mes poap and marcey lues and John Indian a pon the day of his examination and he hath allso temted me to right in his book and to eat bread which he brought to me which I Refuseing to doe: Jno proctor did most greviously tortor me with variety of torturs all most Redy to kill me.

Mary Warren owned the above written upon her oath before & unto the Grand inquest on the 30'th Day of June 1692

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 16 )