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SWP No. 36.1

(Warrant No. 1 for the apprehension of Elizabeth Colson , & Officer's Return)

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[May 14, 1692 ]

You are in theÿr Majestyes Names herebÿ Required to Apprehend
& bring before us (upon Tuesday next being the Seavententh day of
this Instant May by Tenne of the Clock aforenoone att the house of
Lef't Nathaniell Ingersolls in Salem Village) the body of Elizabeth Colson of Redding Single woeman, whoe standeth charged in behalfe
of theyr Majestys w'th high Suspition of Sundry Acts of Witchcraft
done or Co[mbar ]itted upon the Bodyes of Mary. Walcott , Mercy Lewis
& others in Salem Village, whereby great hurt hath bin done them:
And hereof you are nott to faile

Salem dat'd Maÿ 14'th 1692

[Pbar ] us
*John Hathorne
*Jonathan.Corwin {

May 16'th 1692
I have made Diligent Search for the above named Elizabeth Collson
and find shee is fled and by the best Information shee is att Boston
in order to bee shipt ofe and by way of Escape to be transported to
some other Countery whereof I make my Returne
per me *John Parker Constable of
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 104. )