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SWP No. 38.10

( Deposition of Samuel Parris , Nathaniel Ingersoll and Thomas Putnam v. Martha Corey )

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[+ March 21, 1692 ]

The Deposition of Sam: Parris aged about. 39. years, & Nathan- ael Ingersol aged about fifty & eight yeares & Thomas Putman aged
about fourty yeares all of Salem -- testifyeth & saith that severall
of the bewitched persons were much afflicted at the examination of
Martha Kory , wife to Giles Kory of Salem, #[& particu] before the honoured Magistrates
. 21. March. 1961/2 & particularly that #[when] before her hands were held severall of the afflicted were pincht,
& when said Martha bit her lip severall of them were bitten: & that
some of the afflicted said there was a black man whispering in her
ear, namely Mary Walcot and Abigail Williams both of which also
were bit & pincht by her as they said

(Reverse) The Depoon of Sam: Parris &c ag'st Martha Kory

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 42. )