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SWP No. 136.10

( Nathaniel Ingersoll v. Sarah Wilds )

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The Deposistion of Nathaniell Ingrsoll agged about 58 years and Thomas putnam aged about 40 years. who testifieth and saith that wee haveing been conversant with severall of the afflected parsons as namely Mary walcott mercy lewes Abigaill williams and Ann putnam jr we have often seen them afflected and hard them say that one gooddy wilds of Topsfeild did tortor them: but on the 22 April 1692 being the day of the Examination of Sarah wilds of Topsfeild: the afforementioned parsons ware most greviously tortored dureing the time of #(his) hir Examination for if she did but look on them she would strick them down or allmost choak: them and if she did clinch hir hands or hold hir head asid the afflected parsons above mentioned ware in like manr tortured: and severall times senec wee have seen th[e] aforementioned parsons tortored and have seen the marke in ther flesh which they said Sarah wilds did make by tortoring them and wee beleve that Sarah wilds the prisoner att the barr has severall times Afflected and tormented the affore named parsons by acts of wicthcraft:

Jurat in Curia
(On reverse side of paper: Na: Ing'soll Tho. Putnam Tho'es Boston
( Essex Institute MSS. Collection )