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SWP No. 128.1

(Mary Warren and Mary Ireson v. Mary Toothaker )

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one may the 24 mary waren being in a feet and grevosly aflected then was in a tranc for sum tim we hard her say who ar ye what is your name and again. she said what totheker Doktr toothekers wiffe wee often herd her say I wont i wonte i will not touch y'r book and then the fet was over then she told us that Dockter toothekers wiff brought the book to her and a basen and a winding shet and grav cloths and said that she must set her hand to the book or elce she would kil her and stil she urged to touch the book or elc be wrapt in that sheet this have ben Done this Day by tooth ekers wiff

mary iyerson , wiff to bengemin iyerson at lin have[?] in the sam maner hav tormented almost to Deth and brought the book to her


Mary Warren ag't Ierson Toothaker [Note: the name "Jerson" refers to Ierson, thus this line should read "Mary Warren ag't Ierson Toothaker" omitting the first names of both accused.]

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 55 )