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SWP No. 75.3

(Examination of Mary Ireson, 6 June 1692

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Mary Ireson was examined: before Majr Gedney: & other their Majestis justices June: 6th 1692

before sd Ireson was brought: into ye roome:in prayer time ye afflicted fell into a fitt & complayned of Mary Ireson when sd Ireson came in her sister came with her: & ye justices: cald to ye afflicted: to come & look on her sister: & see if that was she yt afflicted them but they sd that was not she that hurt them: it was she wt a hood on sd Ireson had a Riding hood on: it was asked sd Ireson doe you not see how you are discovered: she sd she: might be left: to this afflictione for her other sins for she had bin of a bad temper: for but for witchcraft she had not yt sin to answer for: Eliz Boothe Susana Sheldon Mary Warin & Mary Warin fell down when she looke on them: & were well again when she touched them with her hand several times it was so: they charged her with afflicting them: when some of them were well they charged her with hurting ye others yt were afflicted: they three of them: all but mary Wolcot sd they never had seen her in person: before: but they knew: yt this was ye woman yt had afflicted them: Mary Warin sd she had brought the book: to her to sign: a monthe before: Susana Sheldon sd she had brought ye book at that pressent time of her examination: & sd if she would not sign it she would tear her throat out: sd Iresons: eyes being fixed: it was asked her: what she fixed her eyes upon: ye afflicted sd ye black man was before her & bid her not confess both ye justices & sd Iresons Unkle: ffuller: that was there urged her to confess & breake ye snare of ye devill: but she sd she knew not yt she was in it: She asked weither she might be a witch & not know it: but was answered no: she sd then she could not confess till she had more Sight.

I undr writter being appointed by Authority to: take ye above examination doe testify upon oath taken in Court: that this is a true coppy of ye substance of it to ye best of my knowledge: Simon Willard

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 210, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. Boston.)