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SWP No. 78.19

(Deposition of Thomas Putnam and John Putnam, Jr. v. George Jacobs, Sr. )

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[May 11, 1692]

The Deposistion of Thomas putnam agged 40 years and Jno putnam aged 36 years who testifie and saith that we haveing been converssant with divers of the afflected parsons as mary walcott mercy lewes Eliz. Hubburd Abigail williams and Ann putnam and others have seen them most dreadfully tormented and complaining of old Jacobs for hurting them but on 11:th May 1692 being the day of the examination of George Jacobs sen'r the afforesaid parsons ware most dreadfully tormented dureing the time of his examination as if indeed their bones would have ben disjoynted: being in such misery as we could hardly hold them and wee beleve that George Jacobs the prizsoner att the barr as very often afflicted and tormented the afforesaid persons by acts of wicthcraft