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SWP No. 81.3

(Indictment v. Rebecca Jacobs for Afflicting Elizabeth Hobert )

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[++ September 16, 1692]

Essex in the Province of the Massachusett Bay in New England ss// ] Anno R Rs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c'a Quarto Anno'qe Domini 1692

The Juriors for our Sov'r Lord & Lady the King and Queen doe present That Rebechah Jacobs Wife of Georg[e] Jacobs of Salem Village -- In the County of Essex aforesaid Husbandman upon the Eighteenth day of May -- In the yeare aforesaid and divers other days and times as well before as after Certaine detestable Arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries [Wicke]dly Mallitiously and felloniously hath used practi[ced an]d Exercised At and in Salem Village -- Aforesaid in upon and against one Elizabeth Hobert of Salem -- aforesaid Single Woman -- by which said Wicked Acts the Said Eliz Hobart the day & yeare aforesaid and divers other days and times as well before and after was and is Tortured Aflicted Consumed Pined Wasted and Tormented #[and also for Sundry other Acts of Witchcraft by [torn] said Rebeckah Jacobs -- Comitted and done before and Since that time] and against the peace of our Sov'r Lord & Lady theire Crowne and Dignity and the forme in the [Stattute] In that case made and Provided

Witnes [torn]

Eliz: Jo [torn]

Mary [torn]

Ann [torn]