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SWP No. 12.3

( Testimony of Thomas Jacobs and Mary Jacobs v. Sarah Bibber)

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[++ June 29, 1692]

The testymony of Thomas Jacob and mery his wife doth testyfy
and say that good bibbor #[and] now that is now counted aflicketed
parson she did for a time surgin in our hous and good bibber wood
be very often spekeking against won and nother very obsanely
and thos things that were very falls. and wichshing very bad wichchis
and very often and she wichs that wen hor chill fell into the rever
that she had never pull #[out] hor chilld out and good bibbor yous
to wich ill wichches to horselfe and hor chilldren and allso to others:
the nayborhud werr she liveued amonkes aftor
she bered: hor fust housbon hes tolld us that this John bibbor wife
coud fall into fitts as often as she plesed ["d" written over "s"]

(Reverse) Tho. Jacobs
goody fiber

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft. vol. 2, no. 121.)