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SWP No. 36.5

(Testimony of William Arnold v. Elisabeth Colson)

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[10 September 1692]

William Arnall of Redding forty years of age or thereabouts
testifieth and Saith, that on ye Sabbath day last being the 4th Instant
7br: 92 early in ye morning being Commanded by ye Constable of said
Redding J[ohn] Parker to assist him in the Execu-
tion of his office pursuant to a [warrant] from Major Wm Johnson Esqr
to apprehend Elisabeth Colson &c. under Suspicion of ye Sin of Witch-
craft Then they Coming to ye house of Widow Dastin the Con-
stable opening ye out most dore, and finding ye inner doer fast that he
Could not gett in, Called me to him and Said he could not gett in and
as soon as I Came I Came to him we heard ye back dore open then I
ran behind ye house & shee then I saw said Elisab: Colson run from
ye back dore and gott over into John Dixes feild and I called to her be-
ing not far from her, and asked why she ran away for I would Catch her.
She said nothing, but run away and at last quickly fell down and got up
againe and ran again shaking her hand behinde her as it were strikeing
at me, and I ran and seeing I could not gaine ground of her, I sett my
dog at her, and he ran round about her, but would not touch her, and
runing litle further there was a stone wall and on ye other bushe side
of it a few bushes yt tooke my sight from her a little, being but litle be-
hinde her and when I came up to said Bushes I lookt into them, and
Could Could see no thing of her, and running on further there was
great Cat Came running towards me, and stared up in my face, being
but a litle distance from me, near a fence. I Endeauoured to sett my
dog up upon her, and ye dog would not minde her but went ye Con-
trary way, and on I offering to strike at her wth my stick she seemed to
run under ye fence, and so disappeared, and I could get sight of maid
nor Cat neither any more. Spending some litle time looking about for
her & further Saith not.
William Arnall
7br. 10th: 92

[endorsed]Wm Arnollds Euid

Suffolk Court Files, vol. 1212, docket 162281, p. 82. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA.